HOMOPHILE Exhibition

“HaTachana”, Tel-Aviv’s Renewed Train Station Compound

The exhibition centered around the alternative and earlier term for homosexuality and
have presented a brave, confident and powerful approach regarding this overall theme.
“Homophile” brings together some of Israel’s most renowned and successful artists along with up and coming, new artists (as well as a few international artists). These unique artistic talents presented their personal approach and perspective towards gender, sexual orientation and the modern “Homophile” movement.
Design & Curation: Itay Blaish
Age: 18+

Artists: Moses Pini Siluk \ Hanna Sahar \ Merav B. Loulou \Ziv Sade \ Yanai Yechiel \ Itzik Rennert
Jonathan Goldman \ KLONE \ Igor Tepikin \ Yaniv Alon \ Nadav Weisman \ Tom Zvily  Luca Mantovanelli
Assaf Mordechai \ Dar Rotem \ Naama Bar-or \ Hadar Reuven \  Noam Raz \ Tal Granot \ Foma



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