By Talia Janover & Itay Blaish, 2016

Moonie is a physical dimmer light shaped like a moon in transit, presenting its various phases. 

Materials: Plywood, plexiglass, LED light
‘Monnie’ by designer duo Talia Janover & Itay Blaish is a moon shaped LED light fixture, which can be manually adjusted to simulate the different phases of the moon and produce less or more light as needed.
The lamp is made of laminated layers of plywood with an african Walnut finish, frosted acrylic and LED light.

Moonie was on display at The ‘Creative Roughness’ Contemporary Israeli Design Exhibition at World Capital Design in Taipei.

Photography by: Lior Hachen Haglili and Uri Grun

3 at the Craft & Bloom home

3 at the Craft & Bloom home4 at the Craft & Bloom homeUriGrun_09413 2 Lior Hachen Haglili - Haco photography at the Craft & Bloom home